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Treatments & Prices

Lashes extensions

Extensions give depth to your eyes. You can get a natural, mascara effect or a more sophisticated result.

Extension des cils - Technique cil à cil

Natural laying

CHF 150.–

La retouche 2 semaines

CHF 80.–

La retouche 3 semaines

CHF 100.–

La retouche 4 semaines

CHF 115.–

La retouche autre institut

CHF 125–

La dépose

CHF 20.–

Pose cils magnétiques

CHF 30.–

Retouche cils magnétiques

CHF 10.–

This lash to lash method will really mould your natural lash, so you can see the definition of each extension tip. If you wish to maintain your extensions, touch-ups every 3 weeks on average are recommended. I can't hide the fact that we become very quickly in love!

Eyelash extension - Volume technique

Volume application

CHF 230.–

Touch-up 2 weeks

CHF 95.–

Touch-up 3 weeks

CHF 110.–

Touch-up 4 weeks

CHF 125.–

Touch-up from another institute

CHF 135.–

The volume extensions will allow you to have a denser result and an effect similar to a fringe of lashes. This technique consists of placing several very thin extensions on each lash. To discover...


Keratin enhancement is a technique that enhances and improves natural lashes.

It is a very interesting alternative to lash extensions.

You will obtain curved lashes with an incredible curvature that you can apply and remove.

If you want to keep them natural and save yourself the brushes, you can complete your enhancement with a lash tint.

The result lasts on average 6-8 weeks.

Try it and you'll love it!


CHF 30.–

Enhancement + Keratin Treatment

CHF 100.–

Enhancement + Dyeing + Keratin Treatment

CHF 120.–


Eyebrows represent personality and character on a face.

They are unique to each of us.

The restructuring and consultation will allow us to discuss your eyebrows and what you want in order to target the service that will best suit them and you.

Give them what they deserve!


CHF 85.–

Browlift & Dyeing

CHF 105.–

Eyebrows restructuring with tweezers

CHF 35.–

Eyebrows maintenance with tweezers

CHF 25.–


CHF 30.–

Micro-pigmentation des sourcils

Complete eyebrows

CHF 450.–

Eyebrows correction

CHF 300.–

Touch-up 3 months

CHF 70.–

Touch-up 6 months

CHF 100.–

Touch-up 1 year

CHF 150.–

Eyes contour 

Eyes contour treatment

The Perfect regard smoothing eye treatment by PHYTOMER - 30min

CHF 60.–

All our prices are VAT included

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